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The Literature Keystone Exam will assess students’ mastery of the Literature Assessment Anchors as defined by the Eligible Content and will be aligned to the Concepts and Competencies. The Literature Keystone Exam is an end-of-course assessment that counts as part of the 10th grade final exam.

Information about the Literature Exam:

How do exam scores convert to proficiency levels?

Performance Descriptions of Proficiency Levels

How is the exam structured?

Assessment Anchors and Glossary of Literature Terms

Sample test with explanations of answers (includes open-ended samples)

Sample 10th Grade Benchmark test

Understanding Depth of Knowledge and Complexity

Keystone Literary Terms and Vocabulary Practice

If anyone would like some interactive exercises for students to practice the Keystone vocabulary terms, Colette Barnett created an online vocab test using about 70 of the words in the Keystone Glossary that she thought her students would have the most difficulty with. Six different types of reviews activities are provided.

10th Grade Teaching Resources