Included is an article from Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy about fluency and its importance to high school students. The benefits of fluency instruction and oral fluency's direct effect on both silent fluency and reading comprehension are undeniable. Reading Specialists at the HS have spoken with the department about incorporating read-alouds into daily routine to serve as models for fluency. Hearing fluent reading is one of the best ways to help students to improve their own fluency. Through this article, the importance of this fluency is stressed, and the article provides a multi-dimensional fluency scale rubric to help teachers to present and evaluate fluent reading with students.

Katie Fake has adapted the original rubric and turned it into a teacher-friendly, usable version. Daily read-alouds and the use of this fluency rubric are encouraged.

Lexile Resources

The directions for using Lexile Analyzer are one the back of the handout if you want to refer to them.

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