4th grade

4th Grade

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Common Core Standards


Common Core Bookmarks

Link to Common Core Checklists -The Curriculum Corner Common Core Checklists

Common Core Writing

Narrative Writing Rubric:

Informational Writing Rubric: updated 1/3/14

Opinion Writing Rubric: updated 1/3/14

Writing Paper-NEW-12/2014 with SUM

Teacher Resources for Writing

submitted by Cindy Reilly-ST

Christy Anderson 4th grade FR

Steve Scheidt ST


FCAs-John Collins recommended FCAs for Grades 3-5.
These are the only items scored on a Type 2-4 piece.
They can be differentiated based on student need.

John Collins Paper-recommends students to skip lines
for easier editing.

**Strongly recommended that students complete the FCAs
independently for continuous learning of expectations.

10% Summary

(John Collins- "S T A r t"-strategy helps students write a summary using the
Source, Title, Author, Right Verb and Topic of Articles


This is the Word Mapping Document for CVSD vocabulary for grades 3-12

JOHN COLLINS: Vocabulary Word Cards-Type 1 or 2

This flip chart is available for all grades.

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