The Common Core transition

The following power point helps make sense of the horizontal and vertical alignment of the Common Core standards.

Common Core Bookmarks

Common Core Checklist for 1st grade:

Link to Common Core Checklists-

The Curriculum Corner Common Core Checklists

Common Core Language Standards

1. Grammar

2. Conventions Lessons

Common Core and Scott Foresman

Common Core Writing in 1st grade

Narrative Rubric :updated 1-3-14

Informative Rubric-updated 4-14-14

Writing Paper-NEW-12/2014

Writing Resources for Teachers:

submitted by Allison Lakehart:

Websites Shared by Teachers

submitted by Erica Kimmel-ST

Submitted by Cindy Deforge (Flashcards for 1st grade sounds)
First Grade Sound Flashcards practice.